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Igbo Catholic Community Mission

  • One of the priorities of this community is to establish programs that support family life and prepare couples for marriage in the Church.
  • The Igbo Catholic community’s goal is to foster the propagation of Igbo culture and language through the Eucharistic celebration and other liturgical services such as teaching of Igbo language, catechism, Igbo religious hymns and songs (choir) to our children.
  • Our hope is to transfer the richness of our culture to our children and share our Igbo culture with the rest of the parish, and provide cultural activities such as native dance and artistic performances.
  • The community aims to communicate and collaborate with other national and ethnic communities on matters of mutual interest in the parish and the diocese.
  • The community Provides Social Networking of the Igbo People allowing us to know each other and be our "brother's keeper.
  • The women have several roles, they oversee the spiritual and cultural education of children, offer guidance and support to couples experiencing financial or marital difficulties, and provide hospitality when the community gathers for Mass on the first Sunday of every month at All Saints.

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